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Birthday Fic

Roadie, this is how much I love you.

When I asked what pairing you might like for a birthday fic, you yanked my chain. I finally gave you options and you mucked up all the options creating a decidedly odd crossover. I'm sure you thought I'd ignore it.

No, I took it as a challenge.

So, here you are, my dear. You will have 4 brithday fics from me by the end of this week (sorry I couldn't churn them all out for today).

I'll update this post with links to the others. I've started all the fics so they'll be finished by the end of the week. I hope the titles will interest you until then.

Four Fics I Would Never Write

Jack/Sirius, serious: i. Firewhiskey to Forget (NC-17)

Daniel/Remus, pr0ny: ii. It Isn't Sensual Unless You Do It With Tongue

Vala/Sirius, silly: iii. The Only Thing She Didn't Have Was a Flying Motorcycle

Remus/Roadie, angst (my unusual definition of "angst"): iv. The German I Never Learned

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